A story about desolation, transitory beauty, and decay

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The Beauty of Decay

A story about desolation, transitory beauty, and decay



Each piece in this series is the same size and price.

Acrylic on canvas, 80x60 cm.


You have the option of purchasing a single painting or a collection.


Each painting is priced at €850.

When you purchase three paintings, your total investment will be €2200, a savings of 350 euro's

You just select the paintings that appeal to you.


Each painting has a wire attached to the back. They don't need a frame, but I recommend getting a black floater frame to improve their presentation.


Collecting from the studio or having it delivered locally.

To schedule a studio visit to view the artworks, or inquire about shipping possibilities please contact the artist

The Beauty of Decay

A body of work about desolation, transitory beauty, and decay.


Acrylic on canvas

80x60 cm

Ready to hang

©Lily van Riemsdijk


Price is for 1 individual painting

Frame not included

€ 850,00

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